Wednesday, July 24, 2002

One For The Money

I just finished reading the first of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels, One For The Money, which Heather very kindly lent me. I am definitely going to read more of these! I particularly like the fact that she can have a character just oozing sex appeal (Joe Morelli), and yet stay well away from the sort of overly descriptive sticky sex scenes that often plague crime fiction.

Actually, I've done rather a lot of reading in the last couple of days. Another new favourite is Katherine Kurtz. I hadn't read any of her books before, then I picked up St. Patrick's Gargoyle on the way to the airport. I read the entire book on the plane to San Francisco, simply couldn't put it down. The combination of the Irish backdrop and the fact that most of the characters are gargoyles is simply too good to resist. There is a touch of the divine in this one, though, so anyone who's turned off by God stuff might be less entranced than I was. Anyway, now that I've discovered Katherine Kurtz, I've got all the Deryni books to look forward to...

Finally, I also really enjoyed the most recent Amelia Peabody novel, Lord of the Silent, by Elizabeth Peters. Possibly it is not the most recent one, really, as apparently The Golden One is now out. I will have to look for it. I always enjoy these books; Amelia herself is fabulous, marching around ancient Egypt with a parasol and cucumber sandwiches as usual. If you haven't read any yet, don't start with this one. It would give too much away about what happens in earlier books.

I only wish I didn't read so fast, I am always running out of books.