Monday, August 19, 2002

I Think I Love You

I am clearly in a lighter vein of literature right now. There's certainly something about the guilty pleasures of the Safeway "books" section-- best sellers, a slim selection of mysteries, and a vast array of romances... In any case, the other day I picked up Stephanie Bond's I Think I Love You, which is described on the cover as a "romantic comedy". I think I would call it a sex comedy; romantic generally implies emotional depth. Anyway, it certainly is funny. No deeper meaning here, but I wasn't looking for deeper meaning in the Safeway anyway, just something to read while my husband was out of town for a night. It kind of turned into a mystery halfway through, which added to the page-turning enjoyment, and while it was lighter on the sex than I had expected given the write-up on the back cover, that was okay too. I'll probably end up donating it to the kitchen at work (circulating stash of light reading), but it kept me content for a night, and that was all I wanted.

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